​​Elimination and Assimilation

Elimination and Assimilation are two basic needs for natural health. If the elimination organs are not functioning perfectly the body soon becomes choked with putrefying garbage backing up into all the vital organs. Assimilation then will be stifled and the end result is death. In most people this is a slow process in which the various waste toxins build up over a period of years to produce:


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Enzyme Therapy

If you eat cooked food, your body needs enzymes. Enzymes have been found to be the missing and essential link in nutritional supplementation. Any kind of heat treatment of food destroys 100% of the enzymes.

The human body and digestive system were not designed to consume cooked food. Enzymes occurring in raw food aid in digestion so that your body's enzymes do not have to do all the work of digestion. Without proper enzymes at work in your body, digestion, assimilation and elimination do not take place properly and your good health is at risk!

Your body is an Enzyme factory with limited production potential. Your body gets enzymes from two sources - those it makes and those that it gets from outside the body. Every cell in your body is an enzyme factory. Unfortunately, the number of enzymes each cell can produce is limited. In addition, it is possible for some of us to either not be born with or lose the ability to make certain enzymes. As we abuse our bodies with unhealthy lifestyles it is very likely that deficiencies in enzymes and the loss of the ability to produce them will occur.

Enzymes formulas provide powerful therapy

When enzymes, or enzymes in combination with herbs, vitamins, minerals and colon hydro-therapy are taken, you feel and function at optimum health. They go into the blood stream and perform valuable functions there. Protease, for example, digests undigested proteins in the blood. When other nutrients are combined with an enzyme delivery system, this combination aids in the assimilation of these nutrients and brings them to the cells where the body needs them.

How do you improve the function of the colon?

1.  Learn proper food combinations. Eat 50% of your food raw. That should be fresh, organic, and in season from your local area. Eat a wide variety, but smaller quantities.

2.  Chew your food properly - 20 to 30 times. Slow down while eating and relax.

3.  Reduce stress and tension by exercising daily, have regular massage therapy, and get proper amounts of sleep.

4.  DRINK half of your body weight in ounces of WATER every day. Sip it, not with meals, but either 1 to 1-1/2 hours before meals or 2 hours after meals.

5.  Avoid intestinal overload by responding to the call of nature.

​​​​​​​​​​​COLON HYDROTHERapY   *    LED light therapy   *   ENERGY HEALING 

​​Benefits of Colon Therapy

Colon therapy is a restorative, relaxing experience that is both pleasant and effective. Most people report relief of problems after the very first treatment. Vitality and energy levels are restored. The diuretic action of the body is increased. Water is absorbed into the body, increasing the volume of blood. Circulation is thereby increased, resulting in greater bathing of the individual cells, thus diluting toxins and flushing them out; relieving uremia and toxemia; and increasing elimination both through kidneys and skin as well as the bowels. All this generally assists the cardiovascular and circulatory systems efficiency.

Many overweight people have eliminated as much as 10 to 40 pounds by having their intestinal tract cleansed. Because of the removal of toxic waste, the skin becomes strong and healthy and people look years younger. Memory is improved. With the removal of mucous, gas, parasites, undigested food particles, glandular and cellular debris, plus bacterial toxins the feeling of youth and vitality are restored to the body.

Colon Therapy Procedure

A colon cleansing is a gentle, warm-water washing of the colon (6 feet of the large intestine) combined with some external massage. It is completely safe, beneficial, and non toxic.

The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes and is performed by a certified colon therapist using a colon hydro-therapy machine that regulates the water pressure, temperature and water volume. A small speculum attached to a hose (both disposable) is inserted into the anus, allowing the water to flow in under very, very, gentle pressure to cleanse the entire length of the colon. the water dislodges toxic wastes in the colon and impacted feces along with parasites, which are then flushed out through the waste hose. During a cleansing a series of water-fills and releases also helps to stimulate the expansion and contraction of the muscular wall of the colon. This, combined with a changing of the water temperature from warm to cool, exercised the colon and promotes the restoration of proper peristaltic action.

Purified water is used at all times, with disposable hoses and speculums to insure cleanliness. The machine is completely sanitized before and after each use.


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The answer is YES - CLEANSE! The rewards are life itself ... Energy!

A toxic elimination system lies at the root of most people's health problems. It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.

By putting the bowel in the closet, many people have had to sacrifice their quality of life and also reaped a sad harvest in their later years. Knowing the ways of keeping the bowel healthy along with enzyme therapy and proper nutrition have proven to be the best way I know to keep away from the grip of disease and sickness.


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