Wellness for Your Mind. Body. Spirit.


With the grace, love an mercy of my Divine Parents I begin each day anew and I BREATH and through my breath I AM connected to Source.

• I AM SAFE I honor and hold a safe space for my clients and their passage on their journey.

•  I AM FACILITATING others in a healing process of body, mind and soul.

•  I AM BREATH I breath with my client and we enter the oneness of Source.

•  I AM RESPECT I respect my clients free will and there bodies wisdom. Honoring their choice - empowering not enabling.

•  I AM HONOR I set clear boundaries for myself and honor the boundaries of others.

•  I AM MINDFUL grounded and present, focused and listening to my client.

•  I AM HUMBLE I will refer when out of my realm of expertise.

•  I AM TRUST I trust my client's spirit and innate healing ability.

•  I AM NON-JUDGEMENT I listen to my clients truth. How the truth is true for them and not be in judgment.

•  I AM DIGNITY I will not compromise a person's dignity.

•  I AM PERFECT SIGHT I let my client see their spirit through my eyes.

•  I AM CONFIDENTIALITY A clients information and our time together is sacred.

•  I AM THERE I leave enough time for clients to be complete in their process.

•  I AM HEALING I am committed to my own healing process.

•  I AM KNOWLEDGE I am committed to improving my skills through continuing education.

•  I AM SUPPORTIVE I support my self with other professionals.

•  I AM FORGIVENESS I forgive myself and others. I let go with a blessing and learn from my experience.

•  I AM CONSCIOUS I make conscious choices.

•  I AM HAPPINESS I take responsibility for my own happiness. I do not take responsibility for the happiness of others. 

•  I AM HOPE I share my life's experience with I am guided to.

•  I AM MOTIVATION Before I act I check my motives for who's need are being met.

•  I AM REST I make time to rest and renew myself.





Rosemarie Siciliano has been dedicated to the field of holistic health and natural healing all of her adult life. She Founded 4 Your Health Healing Arts Clinic in 1993.

She has studied at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and the American Institute of Natural Health.

She is a certified Colon Therapist, Biofeedback Specialist, Reiki Master, Rising Star Teacher & Practitioner, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist and Ordained Minister.

Rosemarie has been a REIKI MASTER since 1993.

Employing a variety of modalities in her healing practice including herbology, nutritional counseling, aromatherapy, chakra attunement, color and sound therapy. Rosemarie is know in the valley as the Healers Healer. 

Client Testimonial

​​​​​​​​​​​COLON HYDROTHERapY   *    LED light therapy   *   ENERGY HEALING 

Location near 32nd St & Cactus.  Address given when appointment is booked.


 Tel/Text to book appointments: 602-373-2050 

HOURS:   TUESDAY - SATURDAY  starting at  8:30am   

4 Your Health  |   Rosemarie Siciliano

Do you suffer from severe constipation? I mean when you haven't gone in a week or more,the trapped door is bolted shut, and you look 8 months pregnant...Then Rosemarie is the person for you!

She is gentle, kind and funny but she is a miracle worker! I was referred to her when I hadn't gone in 9 days, even after trying many on the "over the counter" laxatives. I was so desperate that I took 5 of one of them and still got nothing!

My Doctor was getting ready to put me in the hospital. If you can get over the fact that "you are not normal" and need actual "assistance" in doing what comes so naturally to others, then she is the person for you. 

You will not only feel better physically, your whole outlook will change just knowing that she is out there. Trust me when I tell you, she is an angle who gets RESULTS!!

Lisa, Scottsdale


4 Your Health uses natural healing approaches for the digestive and elimination systems.

The end result is a healthier immune system. Colon hydrotherapy, botanical herbs, and nutritional counseling are used to detoxify the body's filters. Disposable equipment and filtered water are used in these procedures.

Local holistic doctors have been referring patients to Rosemarie for the past 21 years. Massage therapy along with color and sound provide a relaxing and healing experience. Rosemarie has the reputation as being the healer's healer.